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Standard Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

Superior Metalwork manufacture and install all types of commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems. Units may include filters, exhaust fan(s), ductwork, makeup air units and fire suppression systems. Our personnel have a vast amount of experience in this highly specialized field.

Each system is custom engineered according to the cooking equipment and we provide scale shop diagrams for submittal to local authorities and/or insurance companies. You can rest assured that every effort is made to provide leniency in pricing without affecting the quality and integrity of our finished product.

Please check with the Commercial Kitchen Hood Survey when requesting a quote.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Specifications:


  • Custom Sizes
  • Hood to be NSF approved with mark.
  • Hoods to be 18 gauge type 304 Stainless Steel with a #4 polished finish.
  • All external seams to be welded liquid tight, ground and polished to the original #4 finish.
  • 18 gauge type 304 Stainless Steel #4 polished filter rack to run the full length of the hood at a 45 degree slope.
  • Integral grease troughs run the length of the hood with removable grease catch cups.


  • Grease removal filters are Stainless Steel baffle type, 20” X 20” X 2” thick with handles and weep holes. Filters are U. L. listed and NSF approved for removal of grease laden vapors. Each filter is capable of exhausting 700 cfm of air at .45 static pressure, and run the entire length of the hood.
  • Incandescent canopy lighting fixtures are provided at 4’-0” intervals. Lights are U.L. listed and NSF approved for grease laden vapors, and supplied with plastic coated glass globes and smooth aluminum bases.


  • Hoods have integral Make-up air plenums insulated internally to prevent condensation of untempered air. Plenums have a 5” wide air delivery slot inside the front edge (length of hood) with perforated Stainless Steel continuous grill and external air delivery through face mounted aluminum registers with manually operable dampers.
  • (4) Ceiling mounted perforated diffusers are sometimes installed within 5’-0” of the hood area to be connected to the Supply air duct.
  • All Make-up air duct collar penetrations of the welded shells are protected by a U.L. listed horizontally mounted fire damper with replaceable fusible links.
  • Make-up air to exhaust air ratio not to exceed 90%. (A consultation with the jobsite HVAC contractor is recommended to achieve proper air balances in the building.)
  • Heated (tempered) Make-up air is available for applications as required.


  • Exhaust ductwork inside the building (not exposed to weather) is 16 gauge hot rolled carbon steel with all seams and joints welded liquid tight. Exterior ductwork (exposed to weather) is 16 gauge galvanized steel fabricated in the same manner.
  • Exhaust duct to hood connections are bolt/flange type with high temperature (1500 degree) gasket between.
  • U. L. listed access doors with high temperature gaskets are installed at every change of direction and/or every 10’-0” of straight duct, for duct inspection and cleaning access.
  • Exhaust ducts terminate 20” above the penetrated roof and are protected from combustible materials as outlined in N.F.P.A. #96 & I.M.C. regulations, latest editions. (Thermal Ceramics Firemaster Fastwrap +1 1/2” is acceptable.)
  • Exhaust ducts are to be sized to provide a minimum of 1500 fpm and a maximum of 2200 fpm air flow.


  • All ductwork associated with the make-up air system is constructed of galvanized steel in accordance with SMACNA standards for low velocity duct. Ducts are insulated internally to prevent condensation in conditioned areas of the building in which it is installed.
  • Internal duct insulation is 1/2” thick 1 1/2lb density glued and weld pinned.
  • Flexible insulated round duct connections not longer than 10’-0” in length join the hood to the ductwork at necessary intervals.


  • Exhaust fans are spun aluminum, centrifugal type Belt-Drive upblast style with backward incline venturi wheels. All exhaust fans bear a U.L. 762 label for commercial restaurant use and all A.M.C.A. tags.
  • Roof mounted exhaust fans are curb mounted a minimum of 40” from the roof surface to the outlet of the exhaust fan and located 10’-0” from other air intakes, electrical lines, adjacent buildings and or property lines. If 10’-0” clearances cannot be achieved, the exhaust fan outlet may be situated 3’-0” above all air intakes.
  • Wall mounted exhaust fans are located a minimum of 10’-0” above grade level and 10’-0” from any operable windows or doors.
  • Make-up air ventilators are galvanized steel housing, Belt Drive units with removable and cleanable aluminum filters. Units introduce untempered or tempered outside air into the kitchen area through the hood plenum and ceiling diffusers at 1200 fpm velocity.


  • Complete UL 300 compliant wet chemical fire suppression systems are furnished and installed for the protection of the hood plenum area, exhaust ductwork and all commercial cooking equipment under the hood that requires protection. A mechanical gas shut-off valve and an electronic micro switch is supplied with the system.


  • Custom Sizes
  • Hood are NSF approved with mark.
  • Hood and all associated ductwork are 18 gauge type 304 Stainless Steel with a #4 polished finish. Hoods have interior baffles.
  • Hood and associated ductwork have external seams welded liquid tight, ground and polished to the original #4 finish at all areas below the ceiling. ( Round Stainless Steel duct is acceptable with all seams and joints sealed liquidtight).
  • Ductwork penetrates the roof and connects to a curb mounted upblast style exhaust ventilator at 50 cfm per square ft. of hood.

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